Why Escort is legal and prostitute is not


Many people don’t see any differences between Escorts and prostitute, but in the fact it is completely different, so the way prostitute earns money is not the same way that escorts earn their money. Here I will explain you the differences between the two ways:

In the prostitute case , they earn the money for giving sexual services , and that is illegal in many countries laws , so the prostitute can’t publish their advertisements on public and if they did they will face a lot of legal problems with the authorities .

So we will go to the escorts case , and all of us know that escort is an official  profession so it is completely legal to advertise an escorts services , and for sure that make escorts work safer and much easier than prostitutes, the escorts don’t give that sexual services to clients, they just be as a companion to their clients and that is completely legal work .

Sometimes escorts give sexual services to the clients, any way not all escorts do that, so though that  the escort work still  legal because there is no sexual services listed in the profile, so no one can say that all escorts are  giving sexual services to their clients. Because many clients just need the company of the escort without any sexual services. Because the businessmen need a company to attend parties or some meetings, and the prostitute don’t present this services, and we can say that the two works ( Escort and prostitute ) are related in somehow but also they have a lot of differences.


Escort is general work and it is include many services, the escorts provide an emotional services and they help the clients to recover from the workload, they give the clients the funny time, and they listen to the worries and concerns from the clients, they discuss in many things , so the escorts need to be smart and intelligent , and we don’t see that a lot in prostitute girls , because they just need to be sexy and good looking to success in their work .but that is not enough in escort work .

Escorts need to give the clients very funny and good time with a lot of exciting activities , so they will be sure that the clients are satisfied and happy with that services and they will hair them again or they will write a good review on their profiles in the escort agency’s website.

So we can say that the prostitute work is making short time relation with the clients , but the escort need to make that relation stronger and to leave a good impression in the client’s mind.

Because of the variety in the services that escorts provide nowadays we saw specialist escorts in each service, so there is escorts just provide the massage and don’t provide any sexual or other services, and the massage have some sexual sides and especially the sensual massage which there is a lot of escorts provide but any way that completely different from selling sex services. And the best thing in the escort work is that the escort can specify which services she provide and which one she doesn’t .

How to find a good Escort




If you didn’t try to call an escort before and you want to do you will find very helpful advices here:

The purpose of the escort industry is to give you the pleasure and the excitement, you will find a lot of nice escort girls who will give you what you need in your trips or parties, you can make a nice relation with escorts but first you need to know how to act well with the escort girls, so the escort work has roles you have to obey it and you will be fine after all.

You need to be gentle in the first place, so being gentle with the escort girl will give you the ability to be more relax with her and to ask her for many things to do for you, and sure she won’t mind if you were gentle with her.

Try to speak in general topics and don’t involve in the personal things to the escorts, try to not ask her a lot about herself, try to make her feel relax with you, so she will be able to give you more pleasure and enjoyment.

And the first thing you need to do is to look for a good escort agency with good reputation so you don’t want to have a bad experience with a horrible escort, don’t worry you don’t need to work so hard to find a good one, you can do that online, so you will find a lot of websites that give you the information about all escort agencies in your area, with a lot of previous client’s reviews, you can pick up one agency that you think it appropriate for you, then you need to search for your escort girl and that the most important part in your escort trip , so that girl have to be suitable to your needs, and don’t forget to take a look on the kinds of services that she provides, because many escorts specify the services that they present to the clients, you will look to her pictures too ,and find a lot of reviews about her performance with the previous clients and her favorite thing and a short explanation about her personality, so that will help you a lot to choose the good escort for you.

As soon as you choose your escort girl you have to make your application or appointment request so maybe you will find a request form in the website or just find a phone number or email so you need to contact her to make that appointment , try to be simple and direct in your email, don’t use rude words or sexual one, you need to mention the date that you want to meet her in the after you send that email you will wait for the confirmation replay, if it is your first time to call an escort you need to give the agency some information about you , they need to know about you to be sure that you are not a police, also they need to know your behavior if it is possible to rip off or abuse escorts. So they will have some concerns to discuss it with you. Then they will tell you the time and the date of the appointment, and you just need to wait to meet your escort girl and enjoy your time with her.